Air Seeder Hose


Description: Currugates Lightweight General Purpose Hose

Application: Most commonly used in vacuum clearners, business machine ventilation, water conveyance, air conveyance, slurry & sludge transfer, gravity feed, exhaust removal, dust extraction, air seeding, irrigation, cable conduit and many more. 

Construction: Made from UV stabilised EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Colour: Black


Sold Per Metre

Item No.DescriptionWeightBend RadiusVacuum+ 1
0334425mm x 4.0mm200 g/m80mm100 kPa$4.45/m
0334528mm x 5.6mm315 g/m80mm100 kPa$6.20/m
0334631.5mm x 5.5mm385 g/m100mm100 kPa$6.75/m
03346132mm x 5.6mm--100 kPa$6.95/m
0334733.3mm x 5.0mm--100 kPa$7.30/m
03347135mm x 5.6mm420 g/m150mm100 kPa$7.65/m
0334838mm x 5.6mm470 g/m150mm100 kPa$8.10/m
0334944mm x 5.6mm475 g/m150mm100 kPa$15.30/m
0335050mm x 6.0mm665 g/m250mm100 kPa$14.35/m
0335163mm x 7.0mm950 g/m250mm100 kPa$18.50/m

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