FM Section Vee Belts


Cover Fabric This high tensile cotton fabric is impregnated with a specialty rubber compound to protect the inner rubber sections and tension cord, whilst also providing a high level of flexibility.

Tension Cord High adhesive polyester cord allows for great adhesion and reduction in strain during operation.

Filler And Base Rubber These rubber sections are extruded from another high quoality rubber compound, and are excellently forumlated. The filler and base rubber sections support the tension cors in an exact position, providing heat minimisation during operation.


Sold Per Unit

Item No.Description1 +
13700FM20 495$6.38
13701FM21 520$5.89
13702FM23 570$6.82
13703FM24 600$6.82
13704FM25 625$6.88
13705FM26 650$7.02
13706FM27 675$7.10
13707FM28 700$7.26
13708FM29 725$7.48
13709FM30 750$7.70
13710FM31 775$7.81
13711FM32 800$7.92
13712FM33 825$8.03
13713FM34 850$8.14
13714FM35 875$8.25
13715FM36 900$8.36
13716FM37 925 
13717FM38 950$8.69
13718FM39 975$8.80
13719FM40 1000 
13720FM41 1025$9.13
13721FM42 1050$9.24
13722FM43 1075$9.57
13723FM44 1100$9.79
13724FM45 1125$9.90
13725FM47 1180 
13726FM48 1200 
13727FM50 1260$10.45
13728FM51 1280$10.56
13729FM53 1333$10.67
13730FM54 1358$10.78
13731FM59 1487$11.22
13732FM60 1512$11.55


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