Natural Insertion Rubber Cut into Strip


To make your life that bit easier and because we are so good at it, Graham Rubber cut Natural Insertion Ruber into a variety of widths. These strips are taken from our superior quality Natural Insertion Rubber (for full description please see 'Natural Insertion Rubber'). For varied thickness (columns) and widths (rows) please refer to the table provided.


Sold Per 10m Roll

 1.59 mm (1/16")3.18 mm (1/8")4.76 mm (3/16")6.35 mm (1/4")
50 mm (2")$18.70$25.30$37.95$51.15
75 mm (3")$22.00$30.25$48.40$62.70
100 mm (4")$26.4$34.65$56.65$75.90
125 mm (5")$31.35$39.05$66.00$89.10
150 mm (6")$35.75$45.10$74.80$101.20
200 mm (8")$44.00$54.45$92.40$125.95
250 mm (10")$53.35$66.00$112.20$150.70
300 mm (12")$61.05$74.80$129.25$177.10


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