Neoprene Rubber Tubing


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A weather resistant black rubber tubing. 

Now only available in full rolls of approximately fifteen (15) meters.


Sold Per Roll

Item No.DescriptionPer roll (15m)
030413.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall  $89.10
    03042    3.5mm ID x 2.5mm Wall$112.20
030434.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$90.75
030445.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$95.70
030466.5mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$105.60
030486.5mm ID x 3.0mm Wall$163.35
030498.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$110.55
030508.0mm ID x 2.5mm Wall$158.40
0305110.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$118.80
0305210.0mm ID x 2.5mm Wall$158.40
0305313.0mm ID x 1.5mm Wall$136.95
    03054    13.0mm ID x 2.5mm Wall$181.50


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