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Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation is a flexible, elastomeric thermal insulation designed for insulating liquid cooling and heating lines, ductworks, tanks and vessels. The expanded closed cell structure of Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation forms a vapor barrier to prevent sweating or condensation on cold lines.  It also efficiently retards heat loss on hot lines. Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation is used for such systems as plumbing, hot water heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Characteristics and Advantages

High Insulating Efficiency
Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation has a low density and closed cell structure and that gives it a low K value.

Moisture Resistance
It’s closed cell structure retards the transmission of water vapor and air.  It has also low water absorption.

Wide Temperature Range
Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation insulates and prevents condensations on cold lines down to –40degC and retards heat loss on hot lines up to 105deg C

Easy to Install
The flexibility of Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation permits quick, easy application of tubing, fittings and ducts.

Flame Proof
Graham Rubber Pipe Insulation is an organic material specially compounded to be fire retardant material.  According to ASTM 1692-74 test method.  It has been tested and is self-extinguishing.  This burning test does not define the hazards presented by this insulation material under actual fire conditions.

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Density 0.075g/cm – 10%
Thermal Conductivity
ASTM C177-71
75 deg F Mean Temp0.26
90 deg F Mean Temp0.265
Temperature LimitsUpper deg F220
Lower deg F-40
Thermal Stability, % Shrinkage
ASTM C548-71
7 Days 200 deg F3.5
7 Days 220 deg F5.5
Water Absorption % By Weight (ASTM D1056-73) 4.00%
Ozone Resistance  Good
Flammability  (ASTM D1692-74) Self Extinguish



Sold Per Unit

Item No.I.DWall1 +10 +

Prices are for 1.8 metre lengths

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