Features: Platicised PVC Hose incorporated with steel spiral reinforcement. Both the inside and outside of the hose are smooth in nature. 
Resistant: to atmospheric agents and most chemicals
Temperature Range: -10°C to + 60°C
Colour: Transparent w. Green Tint
Applications: Used mainly for the suction and delivery of various liquids


Sold Per Metre

Item No.DescriptionVacuum1 +
039856mm x 3mm x 20mm9.5 m/H2OA$4.90/m
039868mm x 3.5mm x 25mm9.5 m/H2OA$5.10/m
0398710mm x 3mm x 30mm8.5 m/H2OA$5.20/m
0398812mm x 3mm x 35mm8.5 m/H2OA$5.50/m
0398916mm x 3.5mm x 55mm8.5 m/H2OA$6.65/m
03989118mm x 3.5mm x 65mm8.5 m/H2OA$7.75/m
0399020mm x 3.5mm x 70mm8.5 m/H2OA$7.75/m
0399125mm x 4mm x 80mm8.5 m/H2OA$11.45/m
0399232rmn x 4.5mm x 100mm8.5 m/H2OA$13.85/m
0399338mm x 4.5mm x 110mm8.5 m/H2OA$18.00/m
03993040mm x 5mm x 120mm8.5 m/H2OA$18.00/m
03993145mm x 5.5mm x 180mm8 m/H2OA$21.25/m
0399452mm x 5.5mm x 190mm8 m/H2OA$23.75/m
0399564mm x 6.5mm x 260mm8 m/H2OA$36.10/m
0399676mm x 7.5mm x 300mm7 m/H2OA$49.25/m
03997102mm x 7mm x 350mm7 m/H2OA$65.18/m
03998127mm x 8mm x 450mm7 m/H2OA$105.00/m
03999152mm x 10mm x 750mm9 m/H2OA$143.50/m

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