Red Rubber Tubing


As used on Bunsen burners and for general laboratory use. 

Now only available in full rolls of approximately fifteen (15) metres.

More sizes are available.


Sold Per Roll

Item No.DescriptionPer roll (15m)
030013mm ID x 1.5mm wall$66.00
030023mm ID x 2.5mm wall$70.95
030044mm ID x 1.5mm wall$66.00
030065mm ID x 1.5mm wall$66.00
030085mm ID x 3.0mm wall$89.10
030096.5mm ID x 1.5mm wall$67.65
030106.5mm ID x 2.5mm wall$82.50
030116.5mm ID x 3.0mm wall$100.65
030126.5mm ID x 5.0mm wall$165.00
030148mm ID x 1.5mm wall$74.25
030158mm ID x 2.5mm wall$92.40
030168mm ID x 3.0mm wall$132.00
030178mm ID x 4.0mm wall$153.45
030188mm ID x 5.0mm wall$181.50
0301910mm ID x 1.5mm wall$77.55
0302110mm ID x 3.0mm wall$135.30
0302310mm ID x 6.5mm wall$278.63
03025111mm ID x 5.0mm wall$235.95
0302613mm ID x 1.5mm wall$90.75
0302813mm ID x 3.0mm wall$156.75
0302916mm ID x 3.0mm wall$181.50
0303119mm ID x 2.5mm wall$163.35


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