Vee Belts Specifications and Troubleshooting

Structure of Graham Rubber’s Vee Belts

  1. Cover Fabric
    The high tensile cotton fabric, impregnated with a specialty rubber compound protects inner rubber sections and tension cords whilst also providing high flexibility.
  2. Filler and Base Rubber Components
    These rubber sections are extruded from another high quality rubber compound excellently formulated. The filler and base rubber sections support the tension cords in an exact position providing heat minimization during operation.
  3. Tension Cord
    High adhesive polyester cord allows for great adhesion and reduction in strain during operation.

Sectional Dimensions

M Section10 x 6 mm
FM Section10 x 8 mm
A Section13 x 8 mm
B Section17 x 11 mm
C Section22 x 14 mm

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance


  • Make sure that all equipment is turned off, even for minor adjustments or quick inspections
  • All belt drives should be covered by a guard.  Uncovered guards can result in amputations in seconds as well as many other accidents.

 Replacing Belts

  • DO NOT use a lever to force a belt over the pulley system
  • DO NOT put a belt onto a pulley system with out loosening the drive pulley.
  • DO always use matched sets of new belts. Sets of belts should be of the same manufacture and where appropriate of the same batch number. 
  • DO NOT use old and new belts in a belt set.
  • DO move the motor to allow room to place new belts on pulley system.
  • DO first locate the belt on the drive or motor pulley.
  • DO  adjust belt tension after a few days of operation.  New Vee belts are designed to stretch slightly at the beginning of operation.
  • Check that the pulleys are aligned.  Incorrect alignment of the pulleys will result in destruction of the Vee belts.
  • Check lubrication of bearings and metals.
  • Check pulley groves are free of foreign material, rust or obstructions.
  • Check pulleys for wear.
  • Ensure pulleys have adequate ventilation.
  • Clean pulley and drive area.

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